Go to darklordday.com/wristband to activate your wristband powers using the code printed on the back of the tag.

Your wristband is your ticket

Your wristband will be scanned at the Main Entrance and again to pick up your Dark Lord bottle allotment.

Only wristbands purchased through eTix are valid. Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Wristbands will be mailed to the address you give eTix. Instructions will be included. There are no hard tickets.

Wristbands are associated with the name of the person who purchased the tickets on eTix. The name associated with the wristband must match the name on your ID. If you purchased two tickets, your name will be associated with both wristbands. Your second attendee must enter with you — no exceptions. No reselling. No transfers. No refunds.

Once you receive your wristband, DO NOT PUT IT ON until Dark Lord Day. Wristbands won’t come off once secured. 

On Dark Lord Day, slip the wristband over your right wrist, leaving one finger of space between the band and your wrist. Wristbands must be worn securely but do not overtighten.

Please do not cut, stretch or mess with your wristband in any way. Do not cut the loose end of the wristband. Wristbands that are removed or tampered with are VOID and you won’t be allowed into the festival.

Event organizers are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged wristbands.

Your wristband must be on your wrist at all times during Dark Lord Day. 

If you have questions about your wristband, contact support@etix.com or visit the Wristband Activation tent.

Your Wristband is your wallet

Dark Lord Day is going cashless this year — no need to bring cash or deal with ATM lines or fees.

Your wristband comes with instructions on how to register for cashless payments. Go to darklordday.com/wristband to activate your wristband with the unique code located on the back of the tag. Link a credit or debit card and create a required PIN for security.

Use your wristband to pay for draft beer, food and festival merchandise at Dark Lord Day. Tap your wristband and enter your PIN.

The PIN you choose always will be required to make a purchase. No financial data is stored on your wristband. No funds are stored on your wristband. You'll receive a receipt by email after each transaction.

Only one credit/debit card can be linked to each wristband. You can link the same card to multiple wristbands. Each wristband requires a separate PIN.

The credit/debit card used to buy your Dark Lord Day ticket(s) is not connected to your wristband(s). 

If you purchased two wristbands, you and your guest can register them separately. Wristbands can be registered in any name; it won't change the name associated with the tickets.

Before the festival: If you have questions about your wristband, contact support@etix.com.

At the festival: If you forget your PIN or need help with your wristband, visit the Wristband Activation tent.

Guest List guests: You’ll receive your wristband at the Ticket Resolution tent located at the Main Entrance. Visit darklordday.com/wristband from your smartphone to add cashless payments in just a few clicks. We also can help you sign up at the Wristband Activation tent.

You do not have to sign up for cashless payments, though we think it’s the way to go. It’s fast, free, secure, and you won’t have to carry cards or cash or worry about loss or theft.

Wristbands, credit/debit cards and Apple Pay will be accepted throughout the festival. No brewpub gift cards. Cash may be accepted at the Band Merch tent.